Family & Health Services

Family & Health Services

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Homeless Services

  • Housing Identification – Rentals that are appropriate & attainable
  • Homeless Targeted Case Management & Navigator – Focus on “is this keeping you housed,” barrier reduction, access to resources, Navigator focuses on supporting household to find and attain housing, Each position works with households for up to 2 years
  • Ongoing Support to Keep Families Housed – Various vouchers to keep secure housing
  • Expedited Housing Voucher Process – 2 months vs. 5-8 years

Whole Family Coaching

Whole Family services takes a 2-generation approach to ending generational poverty by supporting with: Education & Training, Employment, Health & Nutrition, Housing Stability, Budgeting & Financial Literacy, Parenting & Childcare.

Franklin County. Families must have minor children in the household. The family must be willing to set and work towards achieving goals related to transportation, the adults’ education/training/employment, and the children’s education/development and agree to connect with the Coach weekly.

Healthcare Navigation

The Healthcare Navigator supports clients with enrolling in a health care plan. Navigators don’t pick plans but support clients with navigating the Marketplace enrollment process and answer questions about plans and premiums. This service is provided statewide. The Navigator can support any client that needs health care coverage, regardless of income.


Community Kickstart (CK) will be available to clients, up to once per year, with a $1,500 lifetime limit.  Eligible households will reside in Franklin County or the towns of Livermore and Livermore Falls.  Families must also be below 200{e22a2b779a251d2805dcb21c08d8186f9c83eee57152d7ef73e6a0424d84e17c} Federal Poverty Level.  CK will assist clients with unmet needs, such as steel toe boots needed for a new job, necessary household goods for someone who secured an apartment after experiencing homelessness, or even car insurance to allow the client to maintain transportation to and from work or school.

We will use donations from our Kick Starters to fill requests.  When you become a “kick starter” you only agree to receive a weekly email.  Share with others, donate, or hit delete if the request doesn’t move you – you are in the driver’s seat! New requests for help will be emailed to our Kick Starters every Thursday and will include an update of previously funded asks.

WMCA believes that together we can create supportive relationships where families experience hope during times of distress, rather than having nowhere to turn.  Many hands make light work – when added together, even small donations make a big impact!