Emergency Services


Below you will find a comprehensive list of the services we offer. You can also submit a client inquiry, and we will refer you to all WMCA programs you may be eligible for with one online form. If you prefer, give us a call for more information at (207) 645-3764.

Community Services

Electricity Assistance

ELP (CMP Program) is available to eligible HEAP households who receive residential electric service and meet the eligibility criteria.  The applicant must not be receiving assistance for subsidized housing.

The AMP Program is designed to help those who owe more than $500 in and are at least 3 months past due.  This program reduces your past due bill by 1/12 for each month you pay your current monthly bill.  You cannot miss a month.

Emergency Fuel (ECIP)

ECIP may provide emergency assistance in the form of payments to your electric or fuel vendor if you have less than 5 days of fuel left or have received an electric disconnection notice, and electricity is required to run your heating source. You have to have received LIHEAP.

Heating Assistance (HEAP)

A federally funded program to help income-eligible households in Franklin County pay their home heating bills. HEAP may pay a portion of your heating bills taking into account income, household size, energy costs, and fuel type. HEAP eligibility may also allow for Weatherization services which include such things as insulation, caulking, and weather stripping, as well as CHIP services which can provide furnace repair or replacement.

Information & Referral

Community Services staff helps to connect customers with resources regardless of their income.  These resources are not limited to WMCA programs.  CS staff are aware of existing services that are available.

Local Emergency Fuel Funds

Franklin County Ecumenical Heating Fund (ECU SHARE) monies are provided by local donations and grants to assist households with 50 gallons of fuel until they are connected with other resources.  These are locally raised funds.  The household needs to provide a $50 money order or bank check made out to their vendor.

Senior Food Program

This program, also known as Senior Commodity Food Program, provides elderly (over 60 years old) income-eligible residents of Franklin County, Livermore, and Livermore Falls with a monthly food allotment of nutritious food to help supplement their food budget.

Family & Health Services

Community Kickstart (CK) will be available to clients, up to once per year, with a $1,500 lifetime limit.  Eligible households will reside in Franklin County or the towns of Livermore and Livermore Falls.  Families must also be below 200{e22a2b779a251d2805dcb21c08d8186f9c83eee57152d7ef73e6a0424d84e17c} Federal Poverty Level.  CK will assist clients with unmet needs, such as steel toe boots needed for a new job, necessary household goods for someone who secured an apartment after experiencing homelessness, or even car insurance to allow the client to maintain transportation to and from work or school.

We will use donations from our Kick Starters to fill requests.  When you become a “kick starter” you only agree to receive a weekly email.  Share with others, donate, or hit delete if the request doesn’t move you – you are in the driver’s seat! New requests for help will be emailed to our Kick Starters every Thursday and will include an update of previously funded asks.

WMCA believes that together we can create supportive relationships where families experience hope during times of distress, rather than having nowhere to turn.  Many hands make light work – when added together, even small donations make a big impact!

Healthcare Navigation

The Healthcare Navigator supports clients with enrolling in a health care plan. Navigators don’t pick plans but support clients with navigating the Marketplace enrollment process and answer questions about plans and premiums. This service is provided statewide. The Navigator can support any client that needs health care coverage, regardless of income.

Homeless Services

  • Housing Identification – Rentals that are appropriate & attainable
  • Homeless Targeted Case Management & Navigator – Focus on “is this keeping you housed,” barrier reduction, access to resources, Navigator focuses on supporting household to find and attain housing, Each position works with households for up to 2 years
  • Ongoing Support to Keep Families Housed – Various vouchers to keep secure housing
  • Expedited Housing Voucher Process – 2 months vs. 5-8 years

Whole Family Coaching

Whole Family services takes a 2-generation approach to ending generational poverty by supporting with: Education & Training, Employment, Health & Nutrition, Housing Stability, Budgeting & Financial Literacy, Parenting & Childcare.

Franklin County. Families must have minor children in the household. The family must be willing to set and work towards achieving goals related to transportation, the adults’ education/training/employment, and the children’s education/development and agree to connect with the Coach weekly.

Housing & Energy Services

Central Heating Improvement Program

Repairs and/or Replacement of primary heating system.

Program Requirements:
LIHEAP Eligible
Franklin County, Maine
Repair or Replacement of primary systems of Homeowners only
Renters are allowed a $400 lifetime limit, but rarely used – as it is typically the landlord’s responsibility to fix the system

Provides grants to eligible homeowners to reduce the risk of falls and increase general safety in their homes. 55+ or disabled, Franklin County, & HEAP eligible.

Please give us a call for more information. (207) 645-3764

Please give us a call for more information. (207) 645-3764

Please give us a call for more information. (207) 645-3764

Homeowners with a financial impact DUE TO COVID can apply for help with their mortgage, property taxes, and utilities.  Apply at

Please give us a call for more information. (207) 645-3764

Nutrition Services

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a federally funded nutrition program through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)Food and Nutrition Services (FNS).

The program purpose is to ensure that nutritious meals and snacks are served to eligible children and adults in qualifying care facilities.

CACFP provides reimbursement for nutritious meals and snacks served to:

  • infants and children in approved child care centers
  • infants and children in sponsored family day care homes
  • Maine family day care homes Sponsor List
  • children through the age of 18 in emergency shelters and eligible at-risk afterschool care programs
  • adults receiving care in nonresidential adult day care centers

State agencies are responsible for administering the program and for providing assistance to institutions. In Maine, the CACFP is administered by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

For more information on the Child and Adult Care Food Program, please contact us at (207) 645-3764 or 1-800-645-9636.

WIC provides complete nutrition care for thousands of Maine families, helping Maine kids to grow up strong and healthy.

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