Workforce Development

Western Maine Community Action, a partner in the Maine CareerCenter, is the place to find eligible candidates, the resources to help train them and other information you need to compete in today’s economy. We offer a variety of business services designed with your business in mind. We’ll respond promptly to your search and training needs and there is no cost for listing your job(s).

Customized Training

Customized training is designed to meet the needs of a specific employer, or group of employers (employer consortiums). It can be provided for the introduction of new technologies, for new production or service procedures, upgrading existing skills, workplace literacy, or other appropriate purposes identified by the local Workforce Development Board. The employer must commit to employ or continue to employ the worker(s) upon successful completion of any form of customized training.  Depending on the type of training, employers may be asked to cover a percentage of the costs.

Business Assessment Tools

Western Maine Community Action, in cooperation with education and community partners may provide assessment tools such as CASAS, O’Net, etc. to help businesses determine training needs. They can also share Department of Labor information such as Disability Awareness, Labor Market Information, Non-Traditional Occupations, Labor Laws, Safety Works, andVeteran Services.

On-the-Job Training

The term “on-the-job-training” (OJT) means training by an employer that is provided to a paid employee engaged in productive work that provides knowledge or skills essential to the full and adequate performance of the job. OJT is provided under a contract with an employer in the public, private non-profit, or private sector. Employers may be reimbursed up to 50% of the wage rate of an OJT trainee. The Workforce Development Board establishes the occupational clusters which have priority for OJT contracts.

Employer Recruitments

To assist with immediate recruitment needs, employers are encouraged to hold individual recruitment events at the CareerCenter. The CareerCenter will advertise the event in advance. The employer is able to take applications and discuss their current job openings. This method is beneficial if a job fair is not scheduled in the near future.

Job Fairs

Job Fairs are held regionally hosted either directly by the Maine CareerCenter or in conjunction with community partners. Employers and businesses attend to recruit qualified candidates for their current or potential hiring needs.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response is a service which provides employers with help for their potential laid off workers. Services may include information on unemployment benefits, job search assistance, and training.

Local Career Centers

865 US Route 2E
P: (207) 645-5800 or 1-800-982-4311
F: (207) 645-2093

South Paris
4 Western Avenue
P: (207) 743-7763 or 1-877-237-6171
F: (207) 743-8439

60 Lowell Street
P: (207) 369-5000
F: (207) 369-5001

5 Mollison Way
P: (207) 753-9000 or 1-800-741-2991
F: (207) 783-5301